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Andrea Yates - Murder House Location - Visit to Kid's Graves

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

It was a hot Houston summer day in 1989 when Rusty Yates decided to make a rare trip down to the pool outside his apartment building. He was carrying his boombox with him blasting out some rock music. When he arrived at the pool he noticed a slender attractive woman floating in the pool pressing her toes against the wall of the pool to keep her body perfectly still on top of the water soaking in the sun. He thought she was beautiful. He would later find out she was a champion swimmer. He also thought he didn’t have a chance with her, but he did manage to work up the courage to say a few things to her anyway. He complimented her, but she didn’t seem too interested, and he figured she was out of his league anyway.

Several months later in October he got a knock on his door. It was the beautiful woman from the pool. She didn’t get out much, but that night she had decided to get dressed up and go out to eat. She looked around at the other couples enjoying their evening together and decided she was pretty lonely. So she started thinking about the guy from the pool, and decided she’d stop by his apartment when she got back. She used the excuse that her car had gotten a ding in the parking lot, and she was curious if he had seen anything. A few weeks later she left a note on Rusty’s car inviting him to stop by her apartment some time if he wanted to. Shortly after that they began dating. Not long after that Rusty and Andrea moved in together. Then on April 17, 1993 they got married.

During their time here they were following the teachings of a traveling evangelist by the name of Michael Woroniecki. Rusty first met Woroneicki while in college at Auburn University. Rusty wanted Andrea to meet Michael and his wife Rachel before they got married so he set up the meeting. Michael and Rachel believed people should have a lot of kids, and they had six children of their own who they traveled the country with in a bus homeschooling them. Rachel once wrote “I can’t fathom sending them off to strangers, and strange spirits 8 hours a day.” Rusty and Andrea ended up having five children who they homeschooled as well, and when they found out the Woroneicki’s were selling the converted GMC bus they had been using to travel around the country in, Andrea and Rusty decided to buy it. They parked it here at Lazy Days and lived in it along with their children. It only had 350 square feet of living space.

During this time Andrea was also taking care of her father who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, and was still recovering from a heart attack he had suffered several years earlier. The stress, tight quarters of the bus and postpartum depression all eventually caught up to Andrea, and on June 16, 1999 she called Rusty while he was at work. She was sobbing uncontrollably and asked him to come home. When he arrived he found her in a chair in the back room of the bus slumped over, biting her nails with her legs and hands shaking. He packed up the family and headed to her parent’s home. The next day he left to get some things. While he was gone Andrea told her mom she was going to take a nap. She ended up taking dozens of anti depression pills that were meant for one of her parents. She was rushed to the hospital.

She started swimming again at the neighborhood pool, she was planting various plants in the yard, she turned the front room of the house into a classroom for the kids. She read the book Black Beauty with the kids and when they were done they went to ride actual horses. She would sew costumes for her kids and even for their friends. For birthdays she’d bake fancy cakes from scratch. They were holding a Bible study at the house three nights a week since the Woronieckis were against attending church instead suggesting studying alone or with others at home.

Doctors had warned the Yates to not have any more children because her condition could get much worse if they were to have another child. However since she seemed to be doing so much better Rusty decided she should stop using birth control. Some friends say he was very controlling with one going so far as to say Rusty only cares about Rusty. In the Spring of 2000 she was pregnant again.

It wasn’t easy to get Andrea here. They had to force her into the vehicle at the house and then force her out of it here at the facility. Once she got inside she refused to talk to her doctor who was a man named Dr. Saeed. Saeed said she barely said a word to him except to deny having delusions or hallucinations. After 10 days she was eating on her own again, and Saeed released her to Rusty. His mom agreed to move into a hotel nearby and come by the house to help Andrea with cleaning and the kids. On May 3rd Andrea filled the tub with water even though no one was about to take a bath. She explained she was doing it because she might need it. Rusty took her back here to Deverough, and she was released again on May 14th.

He asked her Is anybody hurt?

Yes she replied


The kids

Which ones?

All of them

She drowned the four younger kids without much difficulty in the same bathtub she had once lovingly bathed them and washed their hair in. After they died she carried them one by one to the bed she shared with Rusty and laid them there under a blanket. Their oldest child Noah walked into the bathroom, saw his baby sister in the tub and asked his mom what’s wrong with Mary? Andrea said at that moment Noah took off running, and she had to chase him down. Eventually grabbing him and drowning him next to the body of Mary in the filthy tub as he fought with her. After he died she took Mary’s body and laid her in the bed with the other three. She left Noah in the tub then called the police.

After the service the kids were buried here at Forest Park East Cemetery in Webster, Texas.

We take a trip to the house where Andrea Yates murdered her five young children Noah Yates, John Yates, Paul Yates, Luke Yates and Mary Yates. We visit various other locations to show the events that led up to these horrible murders. We also visit the graves of the five children. Warning this video of course deals with very disturbing topics. Please subscribe! Find us on the web:

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