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Horrific Murdaugh Family Tragedy - Part Three: The Dead Girl

In the early morning hours of Sunday February 24, 2019, 19-year-old Mallory Beach was thrown out of the Alex Murdaugh family boat that was being driven at the time by his son Paul Murdaugh. Her body would be found a week later. Paul Murdaugh, who was only 19-years-old at the time, had spent the evening of Saturday February 23, 2019 drinking alcohol using his brother Buster Murdaugh's id to purchase it at a convenient store and later at a bar. That afternoon a group of friends met up at the Murdaugh river property known as "Murdaugh Island." There were six of them all together, the group was made up of Paul and his girlfriend at the time Morgan Doughty, Anthony Cook and his girlfriend Mallory Beach, Anthony's cousin Connor Cook and his girlfriend Miley Altman. They were all planning to attend an oyster roast that evening on Paukie Island. They had decided to hitch a ride to the party with Paul on the boat. Mallory never made it home that night. We visit Mallory Beach's grave, the site of the crash, and we tell you more about what happened that night. Come along! Support our channel - Buy some exclusive McAndrew Travels merchandise - For business inquiries please contact Find us on the web:

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