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  • Chris McAndrew

UNSOLVED - Austin Yogurt Shop Murders - Victims Graves

On Friday, December 6, 1991, friends 17-year-old Jennifer Harbison and 17-year-old Eliza Thomas were working at the I Can't Believe It's Yogurt shop in Austin, Texas. Jennifer's 15-year-old sister Sarah Harbison along with her friend 13-year-old Amy Ayers were also at the yogurt shop that night. All four of the girls were friends, and all four of the girls were brutally murdered inside the Austin yogurt shop that night. It is a crime that remains unsolved to this day. In 1999 four suspects were arrested for the crime they were Robert Burns Springsteen, Michael James Scott, Maurice Pierce and Forrest Welborn. They were all eventually set free. We take a trip to the Austin yogurt shop location as well as pay our respects to all of the girls at their graves. Come along. Please subscribe! Find us on the web:

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